Closed until further notice.


ashleylikesgum asked: I always use a picture of Lindsay while she's flipping off the camera to tell someone that I don't like them or something that they do... Is that weird?



Anonymous asked: I've seen more complaints & replies published on this blog than actual confessions themselves. That certainly tells you something.

That people like to complain every time I try to upload, so I end up ignoring my ask for months on end?


besbaw-weenie asked: I think that Ryan becoming Mad King Ryan was only inevitable: it's always the quiet ones you have to worry about.



therealagentcolorado asked: Am I the only one who pictures the RvB, RWBY, RT, and AH folks as demigods living in the Percy Jackson Universe?



burntotears asked: There are no "rules" to fandom. You're stupid to even think that there are. And no, real people aren't different than characters, because when they are drawn or written out, they ARE just characters. None of it is real (that we know of) and when you watch RT videos, they are putting on a show. It's called acting. Yes, they are actors, they always have been. They play characters, like Gavin the Dumbass and Michael the Angry Guy. They have personas b/c they would have no personal lives otherwise.


Anonymous asked: Hey, keep shippy posts out of the main tag.

Hey, you’re not only on anon so your vote doesn’t count, but you’re also too late!


spookypkc asked: to the last person - characters are different than real people so thats why we have rules here.

My only argument is….



dannysexfang asked: still, at least a bit of an effort can be made in keeping the tags clean. if someone wants to find something on your blog, have your own special tags for your blog. have a list of the tags, which i'm sure isn't that difficult to achieve. just takes the time, which i suppose you have since you're dedicating that time to this blog.

…considering this is the first major update on this blog in almost a year.


burntotears asked: Shipping is in every fandom and in all the tags. Shippers always post with the main 'character' names as tags, because those are the characters involved. It's the same situation here. For anyone to think that you can keep shipping out of the main tags is just idiotic. There is no such thing as a 'general consensus' that shipping stays out of certain tags, because it doesn't - in any fandom. Good luck policing tumblr, guys, you're pretty dumb if you think it's possible.

Which is why I don’t generally listen to one person complaining about it in my ask.

But I put it up to a vote and the votes won.